Ashton’s Bar

Ashton’s Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Bar Refurbishment Design & Production Management

Ashton’s Bar design exudes both comfort and style, while inviting its customers to immerse themselves in a relaxed atmosphere. Warm, earthy tones, soft mood lighting and dark, rich wood give a feel of luxury and class to this bar that stands out against lighter neutral tones.

Carefully designed seating areas also offers the customer a choice of experience to suit their mood and needs.

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Croke Park

Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland

Hospitality Area Design & Production Management.

The design of Croke Park’s hospitality and conference area reflects the client’s brand and commitment to sporting excellence, while also enhancing the pre-existing features of Ireland’s largest sporting stadium. Contrasting light and dark tones are used throughout to highlight particular features of the design as well as embodying a sense of strength and professionalism.

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Leinster Rugby Bar

Leinster Rugby Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Rugby Club Bar Design & Production Management

This bar design offers a relaxed atmosphere for its customers through the use of horizontal lines and warm lighting. Neutral tones allow for the primary colour of blue, associated with Leinster Rugby to stand out and draw the customer’s attention to the theme of this bar and its brand representation. Finally, dark granite surfaces also give the bar a masculine energy that doesn’t overwhelm, but complements the overall design.

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Bar 10

Bar 10, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin, Ireland

Contemporary Bar Design & Production Management

The design of Bar 10 on St. Stephen’s Green is both a nod to its historical Georgian features and the contemporary, relaxed feel that the branding of this bar represents. Clean, horizontal lines are used to encapsulate this contemporary feel while also creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Rich and luxurious colours and materials are contrasted against lighter, softer furnishings that immediately capture the customer’s attention. Ambient lighting is also used to emphasise this contrast and further adds to the overall feel of relaxed glamour that this bar and its brand represents.

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