How to add value to your business with great interior design

How to add value to your business with great interior design

Did you know that great Interior Design can as much as double or even triple the value of your business?! It’s a fact and we, at McCabe Design Group have seen it with our own eyes. Following some of our design projects, we have seen clients’ property and business values […]

Top 3 Mistakes Irish Businesses Make With Their Interiors

Not hiring the right designer (or, even worse, not hiring a designer at all!!) Let me just put it out there – failing to hire an experienced commercial interior designer when designing your premises is a fatal mistake! Ok, Ok, I can hear your cries of “of course you say […]

5 Top Tips For Future Proofing Your Business Interiors

You’ve decided to give your business a facelift, or maybe you are launching a whole new and exciting business project. You want to be sure you get your interiors right and that they represent everything you stand for. You want your customers to have the best possible experience in your […]

7 Top Tips for Renovating Your Business On a Budget

Should you pull up that worn old faux-parquet flooring and replace with stunningly sleek travertine tiles…or should you give your best manager a well-deserved raise? Should you remodel your reception area or invest in a company car? Decisions, decisions. We get that these are the types of decisions you are […]

You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression

Studies have shown that you get mere seconds to create a first impression with your customers. In fact, some of the most recent consumer behaviour studies suggest that you don’t even get one full second to create your first impression, you get a measly half a second – if that! […]

How to reinforce and strengthen your brand with Interior Design

You have your logo, your company colours, your corporate identity.You know exactly what your brand should stand for and the type of experience you would like your customers to have. You know what your mission, vision and values are, but how do you translate this all of this ideology into […]

6 colours that increase sales and why

Does colour really affect the way your customers think and behave and, ultimately, buy from you? If you choose to cloak your business premises in a bright, glowing orange versus a powder blue, are you, in effect, chasing away perfectly good buyers? If you adorn your point of purchase or […]