Arboretum Leighlinbridge Phase 2

Arboretum Lifestyle & Garden Centre, Leighlinebridge, Co. Carlow, Ireland.

Architecture, Retail Interior & Brand Design and Production Management

Outdoor living meets indoor comforts with the Arboretum store design. It’s welcoming yet strong exterior complements and enhances the Arboretum brand.

The customer is greeted with curved forms and playful colours set against the backdrop of natural tones, emphasising outdoor living as an extension of indoor comfort. These natural tones are used throughout the store, giving a sense of continuity as the the customer explores Arboretum’s various sales areas, including their fashion and homeware sections.

Bold colours, and in particular the use of vibrant red,  are utilised for Arboretum’s ‘Kitchen Store’ in order to bring a sense of energy and vibrancy to this sales area.

Finally, the check-out area reflects the strength of the Arboretum brand, while the use of horizontal lines bring a sense of ease to the customer’s purchasing experience.