Chicago Gourmet Popcorn

Chicago Gourmet Popcorn

Chicago Gourmet Popcorn, Dublin, Ireland

Retail Interior Design & Visual Communication

The Chicago Gourmet Popcorn shop exterior entices the customer with vibrant, bold colours and a fun 1920’s cinematic feel which reflects the client’s product. These bright & bold colours are continued throughout the shop and serve to catch the customer’s attention and create a fun, energetic atmosphere. Spot lighting enhances the display of the shop’s products while also further contributing to the theme of this client’s brand.


Le Centre-Ville

Le Centre-Ville, Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, Dublin

Café & Brand Design And Production Management.

The design of Le Centre-Ville Café in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre is a nod to its Parisian-style branding. This theme is represented by the outdoor feel of the cafe, the Parisian street style lighting and the neutral tones, giving it a light and airy feel which is further enhanced by the high, vaulted, glass ceiling of the Stephen’s Green shopping Centre, allowing light to flood the dining space and create an illusion of al-fresco dining on the streets of Paris!

Bridge Street Deli

Bridge Street Deli, Dublin, Ireland.

Coffee House Deli Design & Production Management

The Bridge Street Deli in Dublin encapsulates contemporary and clean design. The use of light and dark tones serve to create a sense of contrast between the service area and the dining section of the deli.

Clean lines and smooth surfaces along with the use of light materials help to engage the customer and enhance the fresh products on display, while richer colours and materials used in the dining section give a sense of luxury and comfort.