Omniplex, Omagh

Omniplex, Omagh

Omniplex, Omagh, Northern Ireland.

Interior Design & project management for Cinema.

The Villa

The Villa, Kerry, Ireland.

Interior Design & production management for bar/restaurant/accommodation.

Sea Lodge Waterville

The Sea Lodge Hotel, Waterville, Ireland.

Interior Design & production management boutique hotel offer.

Century Play

Century Play, Letterkenny,  Ireland.

Leisure Center Interior Design & project management.

Century Cinema

Century Cinema, Letterkenny, Ireland.

Cinema Interior Design & project management.

Milltown Golf Club

Milltown Golf Club

Golf Club Design and Production Management

Milltown Golf Club on the banks of the river Dodder, with views of the Dublin Mountains, offers it’s patrons a beautiful, scenic location that is second to none.

When designing the space for the bar and dining area of the Club House, it was imperative that we brought those exceptional views into the room. We did this by positioning the bar and seating to take full advantage of the picture window views, so that the Golf Course could be enjoyed from any vantage point.

Neutral, light tones reflect and bounce sunlight around the space and soft wood adds a warmth and glow to the dining area. Vibrant orange seating provides contrast that ‘cuts’ the space with a ‘pop’ of colour and energy.

The Salon, Shelbourne Hotel

The Salon, Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, Ireland.

Beauty Salon Interior Design & Production Management


New Forest Golf Club

New Forest Golf Club, Westmeath, Ireland

Golf Club Design & Production Management

Both traditional and contemporary design elements have been captured in New Forest’s Golf Club restaurant, inviting its guests to experience both the historical features and present luxuries that this space has to offer. Rich, warm inviting tones are contrasted with neutral shades and textures to create a sense of luxury and dining pleasure in a relaxing atmosphere.

Moyvalley Hotel

Moyvalley Hotel, Westmeath, Ireland.

Country Hotel Design & Production Management


Leinster Rugby Bar

Leinster Rugby Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Rugby Club Bar Design & Production Management

This bar design offers a relaxed atmosphere for its customers through the use of horizontal lines and warm lighting. Neutral tones allow for the primary colour of blue, associated with Leinster Rugby to stand out and draw the customer’s attention to the theme of this bar and its brand representation. Finally, dark granite surfaces also give the bar a masculine energy that doesn’t overwhelm, but complements the overall design.