McCabes Pharmacy, Dublin

McCabes Pharmacy, Dublin

Retail Interior, Brand Design & Production Management (Branding by Tom Meenaghan Associates)

In keeping with the McCabes Pharmacy brand and retail design, the Malahide store once again reflects the company’s commitment to high quality pharmacy care for its customers. Natural, light tones contrasted with darker interior features serve to strike a balance between professionalism and care. The colour green is also strongly featured which evokes a feeling of positivity and assurance, allowing for the customer to feel at ease.


Kerrigans Butchers

Kerrigans Butchers, Malahide, Dublin, Ireland

Retail Interior, Brand Design & Production Management

The exterior design of Kerrigans Butchers suggests quality and loyalty through the use of a royal, navy blue facade and contrasting hints of pale gold. Inside, the customer is invited into a light, open space which is created through the use of spot lighting, neutral tones and natural looking materials. These relaxed features allow for the products on display to stand out for the customer’s attention.


Hughes & Hughes

Hughes & Hughes, Various Locations, Ireland

Retail Bookstore Design & Production Management

The Hughes & Hughes bookstore design uses contrasts of light and dark colour in order to strike a balance between formality and leisure. While the use of light, neutral tones and open space creates a sense of recreation and relaxation, darker tones and strong lines strike a more formal feel to this bookstore.

In contrast with this are the playful, bright colours and forms used to set apart the ‘junior’ section of the bookstore. Bright reds, yellows and orange create an atmosphere of fun, warmth and energy while powder blue tones are added to create balance to this energetic space.

Bourkes Menswear

Bourkes Menswear, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland

Menswear Retail Design & Production Management

The Bourkes Menswear store is both contemporary and masculine in its design, which appeals directly to its target market. Rich, dark materials and bold vertical lines create this sense of masculinity, while a neutral backdrop allows for these features to stand out but not overwhelm the overall balance of the shop’s design.



Bewleys Store, London City Airport

Retail Store Design & Production Management

The design of Bewleys Store at London City Airport encapsulates this longstanding and luxurious brand. Rich, dark wood features strongly and emphasises the quality and luxury of Bewleys’ products. Lighting is used only to highlight the store’s products and point of sale, allowing for softer lighting to enhance the feel of luxury and exclusivity represented by the Bewleys brand.


Arboretum Leighlinbridge Phase 2

Arboretum Lifestyle & Garden Centre, Leighlinebridge, Co. Carlow, Ireland.

Architecture, Retail Interior & Brand Design and Production Management

Outdoor living meets indoor comforts with the Arboretum store design. It’s welcoming yet strong exterior complements and enhances the Arboretum brand.

The customer is greeted with curved forms and playful colours set against the backdrop of natural tones, emphasising outdoor living as an extension of indoor comfort. These natural tones are used throughout the store, giving a sense of continuity as the the customer explores Arboretum’s various sales areas, including their fashion and homeware sections.

Bold colours, and in particular the use of vibrant red,  are utilised for Arboretum’s ‘Kitchen Store’ in order to bring a sense of energy and vibrancy to this sales area.

Finally, the check-out area reflects the strength of the Arboretum brand, while the use of horizontal lines bring a sense of ease to the customer’s purchasing experience.


McKenna Man

McKenna Man, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland

Retail Clothing Menswear Design & Production Management

The design for the McKenna Man clothing store conveys a sense of luxury and quality, while balancing masculine energy with contemporary, clean design. Warm, rich textures and materials are set against a background of neutral, light tones creating a sense of bright open space that invites the customer to browse the store at ease.

The Saddle Room

The Saddle Room, Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

Iconic Restaurant Refurbishment Design & Production Management

The design of the iconic Saddle Room restaurant at the Shelbourne Hotel exudes luxury and class, while also blending contemporary style into a historical setting. Rich, warm textures and materials are contrasted with softer, neutral tones creating an inviting and relaxing space for its diners.

O2 Store

O2 Store, Dundrum/Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland

Mobile Phone Store Interior Design & Visual Communications

The O2 store design reflects the branding of this company with its sleek, clean and contemporary features. The use of light tones and ambient lighting create a space that immediately engages the customer with the products on offer, while the warm wooden flooring balances the design and creates a relaxing and engaging atmosphere.


Arboretum Leighlinbridge

Arboretum Lifestyle & Garden Centre, Leighlinebridge, Co. Carlow, Ireland.

Restaurant/Cafe Design & Production Management

This refurbished restaurant and cafe space combines outdoor inspiration with all of the comforts and functionality of an indoor dining experience.

Earthy tones and textures along with a flood of natural lighting help to create a sense of outdoor living, while clean lines and well organised dining space ensures a welcoming and smooth transition for the customer during their dining experience.

Playful accents of colour give an energising touch to this space that doesn’t overwhelm or take from its overall feel of the great outdoors.