JP Ryan

JP Ryan

JP Ryan, Dublin, Ireland.

Interior Design & project management for transport logistics company.

Flynn O’Flaherty

Flynn O’Flaherty, Dublin Ireland.

Private office Interior Design & project management.

Transland Logistics

Transland Logistics

Office Fit Out Design and Production Management

Transland Logistics is an established and trusted corporate brand.

This needed to be reflected in the design and fitout of their office and meeting spaces.

The office space was designed to be warm and welcoming whilst still conveying a sense of corporate confidence, power and trust. The brand logo is a central feature of the design and has strong visual impact in its central position on the glass doors. The walnut panelling, warm textures and soft recessed ceiling lighting all add to the warmth and welcoming feel of this corporate space.

Cathal O’Sullivan Solicitors

Cathal O’Sullivan Solicitors, Dublin, Ireland

Office Fit Out Design & Production Management

The design for this office space reflects the client’s commitment to a high standard of quality, professional service while also ensuring a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for its customers. Rich, warm textures and neutral tones are featured in a contemporary design setting that accommodates its clients in a stylish and welcoming manner.

Hughes Murphy Solicitors

Hughes Murphy Solicitors, Dublin, Ireland

Office Interior, Brand Design & Production Management

The design of Hughes Murphy Solicitors offices and brand creates a sense of professionalism and strength while also inviting a feel of warmth and reassurance to its customers. A bold exterior and the use of vertical lines emphasises strength and power, while warm, rich wood and leather textures offer a welcoming atmosphere for clients in a contemporary and stylish place of business.